1888 Re-Examined

Robert J. Wieland & Donald K. Short

  1. Chapter Title
  2. Preface
  3. Why Re-examine Our Adventist Past?
  4. The Sin of Leaving Our First Love
  5. The Loud Cry to Come in a Surprising Way
  6. Acceptance or Rejection: In Search of a Sharper Focus Additional Note to Chapter Four
  7. The Fundamental Problem: How to Evaluate the 1888 Message
  8. The 1888 Rejection of Ellen White
  9. A Closer Look at the "Confessions"
  10. Crisis at the 1893 General Conference Session
  11. A False Righteousness by Faith: Sowing the Seed of Apostasy
  12. Why Did Jones and Waggoner Lose Their Way?
  13. The "Alpha" and "Omega" Crisis
  14. The Pantheism Apostasy
  15. Ellen White's Predictions of Baal-Worship
  16. From 1950-1971
  17. From 1971-1987 and Beyond
  18. Appendix A
  19. Appendix B
  20. Appendix C
  21. Appendix D
  22. Appendix E